Symmetry between Nature and Technology

Imagine a pond, with rain droplets buffeting its surface.


Ripples, circles, come out of each point of contact, each connecting with and overlapping each other.


This is the design of Vicinity, personified in nature.


Each one of our message is a raindrop, represented by the ripples on the surface of the water.


Each ripple interacts with all other ripples, creating a mesh of waves.


It was almost entirely by coincidence, when the Vicinity logo was conceived, that it looks very similar to these ripples and waves on the pond's surface. It is our belief that technology should mimic nature, not to go against its grain. In order to create a sustainable and harmonious future between Man and Nature, then, our technology should use its very features to our advantage in complementing our lives. We believe that a persons' desire to find community is as natural as gravity bringing nearby masses together, and should be the paradigm from which customer experience is created.


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