How Do You Make Friends in a New Place?

It's not easy for anyone, introvert or extrovert, to go into a new neighbourhood and immediately start making acquaintances. Putting oneself out there in front of a fresh set of people may be a terrifying prospect. Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods for establishing rapport and building the groundwork for future friendships. Here are some suggestions to help you feel at home and begin making connections right away.


  • Don't be shy about ringing some doorbells, either.

Don't panic—answer the door. It's typical for neighbours to visit within the first week, and ignoring them may offer a bad impression.


If you're up to it, ask your neighbours inside for water — they just walked over. You and your neighbours will likely want to keep the discussion brief (there will be time to get to know each other later), so enable them to excuse themselves or say "well, I better go back to unpacking" to avoid excessive loitering.


  • Put yourself out there

You can't knock on every door in your area without looking like a solicitor. Make your new presence prominent to meet many neighbours.


  • Let your dog break the ice

If you have a dog, walking around the neighbourhood is a terrific way to meet other dog owners. More than 38% of American families have a dog, and 100% of those dogs need to go outside. Walking your dog might introduce you to a third of your neighbours.


  • Embrace the small talk

However, you met your new neighbours, keep the discussion light. Along with talking about your move (where you're from, how it went, how you found the area, etc.) talk about the weather or anything that comes to mind.


Engage your neighbours by asking questions. "How long have you been here?" is a simple question, and asking for ideas on where to shop and dine provides your neighbour with a chance to contribute and offer advice.


  • Join neighbourhood social media groups

Social media is a hotspot for difficult topics like those above, but it can also be used to interact with your community. Many areas create Facebook groups to exchange news and sell items.


  • Have a yard sale

Say you have too many products to list on social media marketplaces (you never realise just how much junk you have until you move).


Not only can a yard sale help you get rid of garbage, but it will also invite neighbours to stop by, chat, and maybe buy something from you. If they buy something, bring it up the next time you see them. "Hi, neighbour! How is your gravy boat doing?"


  • Seek out neighbours with similar interests

You may have met neighbours with similar hobbies at the yard sale. Identify and connect with neighbours who share the same interests.


Listen for topics that interest you during talks with your neighbours and contribute your own. Your career, hometown, sports teams, kids' ages, etc. may all be conversation starters with neighbours.


  • Throw a housewarming party

Some of your neighbours share your hobbies. Time for a housewarming party? Invite all your neighbours on a Sunday evening. Don't feel obligated to invite everyone you've met, but your neighbours may feel left out.


  • Keep it natural

Keep interactions with neighbours natural. Try to avoid pressing a discussion or overstaying your welcome. Uncomfortable situations seldom lead to future friendships.


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