About Us

About Vicinity

Vicinity is a social tool developed with a vision to bring people together in a time of increased social isolation. It is a live-chatroom app that allows you to connect with everyone around you and experience the moment together. Broadly interacting with all the smartphone users around you has never been easier.

We feel as though the current social-media era, while it had good intentions to connect people, has instead driven local communities apart. Vicinity aims to reverse this trend – to help you again connect with your local community in the moment where it really matters.

With the Vicinity app, you can now instantly connect to neighbours, classmates, and anyone passing by in any setting or location. With the General Chat feature you can join a live chatroom based on a radius of your choice, and send messages to anyone else in that Vicinity. You can also send private messages to any other user participating in the chatroom, form private messaging groups, or public groups for a specific purpose and location.